Verhalen over Quo Vadis

Samira & Véronique – seamstresses

When producing a planner, the inside of the book goes through a number of automated steps. But as far as the cover is concerned, the manufacturing is largely based on manual work! Véronique, seamstress, and Samira, technical advisor, explain what it means to be a seamstress at Quo Vadis.

Couture Quo Vadis

I had the opportunity to test several positions which is a great idea because we always have the opportunity to learn new things!


Sewing on planners! Can you explain that to us?

Samira. When I tell my family and friends that I work at Quo Vadis, a diary manufacturer, people don’t suspect that there is sewing work involved, but there is! Often, when you choose a planner, you are drawn to its material, its colour, its finish… Almost like a fashion accessory!

Véronique. We add very precise finishing touches on the cover of planners that no machine could ever achieve. This can be stitching on the covers, or adding a closure or a pen loop, for example. It can also involve using two types of fabric or material on “bi-material” covers. On some products, it is true craftsmanship. We start from an almost raw material, adorn it with pockets and then sew all the elements of the material together. With each piece we sew, we make sure it is of the highest quality, too. You have a constant eye for detail; it’s an integral part of the job.

What qualities are needed for your job?

Véronique. First of all, you have to be a professional. You can’t just teach yourself to sew on a machine like this one overnight! You need to know how to adapt to the different materials and finishes required. The flat industrial sewing machine can be a little intimidating, it has nothing to do with a sewing machine that you could have at home. It is a technical and demanding job. Secondly, some qualities that are specific to the sewing industry in general: dexterity, attention to detail, patience and a taste for quality are required.

Samira, sewing is part of your job but you also have other activities. What are they?

Samira. I am a technical advisor in the whole sewing department. We have about ten machines. My role as an advisor is to know how they all work. I have received prior training to learn how the tools work. Now, I know how to select, assemble and adjust them, and of course, how to ensure basic maintenance. Depending on the day and the work there is to do, I can be assigned to sewing, maintenance or overhaul of the equipment. I enjoy this position in the sense that I learn something new every day! And when I see how much I still have to learn I am excited.

What do you like about working at Quo Vadis?

Samira. I love working in a company that supports locally made goods and ecological values. I also like the idea that you can always learn, no matter what your job is. When I arrived, I started off making the inside of the diaries, then folding the booklets. I had the opportunity to test several positions which is great! Here you can always learn new things!